Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beginning Stitches

When I was 9 years old I learned to crochet at the knee of my Moma.  I loved to sit and watch her stitch.  The first thing she taught me to make was a hot pad.  I remember my stitches being so TIGHT that I would have to place the work on my lap and force the hook through between my knees!!!  Then I began to "design" coats for my Barbie doll collection.  Oh how I LOVED to crochet custom threads for my dolls!!  Between my Moma teaching me new skills and letting me work through her stash, and my Grandma Lair cutting out little patterns from the paper and ordering "gifts" from me, I grew to love and cherish this craft.  The background for my blog is a picture of the bedspread my Great Granny Eva Lair crocheted (attached below is another view of the bedspread).  Oh how I love this bedspread!!  It connects me to her in ways that I never would have been before.  So I hope you enjoy reading on my new adventures in stitching, which will include Crochet (of course), Knit, and possibly quilting, embroidery and sewing.  I can't commit to just one form of fiber work, hence the name "A Stitch At A Time"!! 



  1. Amy, this is such a neat idea! You are so talented, and I know you will be blessed for not only using your talents, but for sharing them with others. BTW, your Great Grandma's bedspread is beautiful.

  2. Thank You Sandee and family!! I'm hoping that you and Ashley may be inspired to crochet together with some of the patterns I will be posting. Love you guys!!