Thursday, June 2, 2011


So the girls and I spent another afternoon at the sewing machines.  They are really coming along in their stitching skills! 

Marissa got started on a body pillow but didn't have the stuffing to finish.  So she set that aside and got started on a flannel baby bib I had cut out previously. 

Abbie got to dig through my scraps and come up with the perfect color combination for making a doll quilt. 

Then Marissa finished her bib and made a heart shaped pillow. 

They were so INTENT on getting their work done that they didn't even finish their bowls of home made banana nut ice cream!!!!  Abbie asked if she could come back later and eat some more since she didn't get to finish hers before it melted!  

Check out the pics of their work below.  Pardon the last two pics of the final projects.  My camera battery died and I ended up using my phone to take the pics...they turned out a bit fuzzy  :(

Marissa turning her bib.

Abbie contemplating the next step of her quilt.

Pressing.....NOT child labor!! 

And yet another child at the ironing board!!  this time pressing seams flat.

Adding snaps to her bib.

Putting on the border pieces.
Marissa and a pillow for her teacher and the bib for her baby brother!  Great Job!!!

Abbie and her finished 4-patch doll quilt!!  Stunning!!!

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