Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I've been working on this quilt for over 19 years now.  I started making it in 1992 when I left active duty Air Force to become a stay at home mom.  I began by cutting up all of the old unserviceable uniforms laying around the house.  Between me and my husband....we had a LOT!!!  And I hate to throw anything out and I just knew I could make something useful out of them.  I pieced the quilt top fairly quickly. 

Fast forward 4 years and I have finally found the fabric backing and stacked and bound it....I know, I know...I shouldn't have bound it first, but I pinned it really really good!!  Then I found some friends to come over and help me hand quilt didn't go so well because I didn't have a frame....and because my friends really didn't know how to quilt!!  LOL  We did have a good time though!

Fast Forward to June of 2011....I am in Hobby for some sewing notions when I look down and there is one lonely quilting frame on the shelf.  AND I've got a 40% off coupon in my pocket!!  So I did a bit of impulse shopping and bought myself a Quilters Floor Frame!

I was sooo excited!!! It was early Wednesday evening, so I had to put it to the side until I got home from church.  As soon as I got home I opened the box and started pulling pieces out.  When I got to the last small joint pieces I turned the box over and let them slide out to the floor...only there were these two metal pieces that fell out....pieces that were obviously broken.  see pic below

It is one of the adjustment spring clip one of the legs will not adjust.  :(   But I did NOT let that stop me!!!  I finished putting the frame together.  It took me all of 18 minutes to put it together and get my quilt snapped in place.  see pics below

BTW.....after I finished assembling all of this I did email the company requesting a replacement part.  I might have taken it back to Hobby Lobby....but as I said, it was the last one on the shelf.  I sure hope it doesn't take them too long to respond.  But in the meantime...I'll be getting my quilting on!!!

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