Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Crochet flowers are all the rage right now!!!  Add one to your hat, scarf, or just glue one to a hair clip or stick pin to use as an accessory.  They look intimidating for some....but really super easy.  I've given clear pics for each round to show what it should look like each step of the way.  In this pattern I have used Worsted Weight yarn and a size G crochet hook.  But you could use ANY combination of hook and yarn to make all sizes of flowers.  You can also make it larger by continuing on after rnd 4, increasing in the same manner.  The possibilities are endless!!  So get your hook and all those small scraps of yarn out and get busy!!


Materials: small amount of worsted weight yarn and size G crochet hook (or any suitable combination of yarn and hook)

Stitches Used:           
            Ch: chain
            Dc: double crochet
            Bpdc: back post double crochet

Rnd 1: ch 5, dc in 5th ch from hook. *Ch 1, dc in same ch as previous dc. Repeat from * 3 more times.  Ch 1.  Sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch. (you should end with 6 dc and 6 ch 1 spaces).

Rnd 2: * 5 dc in ch 1 sp. Sl st in next dc of previous rnd. Repeat from * around.

Rnd 3: * bpdc around first dc of previous rnd, ch 3. Repeat from * around.  Sl st in first bpdc to join.

when doing a bpdc this is how your hook will look from the front side when inserted correctly

how your flower will look from the backside view of completed rnd 3.
Rnd 4: * 7 dc in ch 3 sp. Sl st in top of next bpdc of previous rnd. Repeat from * around.  Finish off.  If attaching to another crochet item, leave a 12” length for sewing.  Or finish off and weave in ends and sew in place with matching sewing thread. 

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