Friday, March 28, 2014

Crocheted Shark Slippers Pattern Review

One day a few weeks ago I was tagged several times in this pattern designed by Stacie L. Ratcliff of Stacie71 over at Etsy.  I had requests to make these in newborn and a couple of adult sizes.  

The pattern comes in two parts.  One part has infant sizes 0-­‐3 months, 3-­‐6 months, and 6-­‐9 months.  The other part is an adult pattern that fits Women's 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10, and Men's 9/10 and 11/12. 

So far I have made the 0-3 month size and women's 7/8 and 9/10.  The pattern is written very well with very clear crochet instructions.  Where it gets a little complicated is on the assembly part, it is a bit unclear at times, but by looking at the pictures on both patterns you will be able to assemble them no problem.  

On the newborn size I decided to stitch the eyes on using black yarn instead of buttons and liked the outcome equally well.

I will note that the fin sizes do not go up with foot size.  Of course the infant and adult size fins are different, but the size difference in a womens 5/6 to a mans 11/12 is quite great and the fin sizes do not change.  But if this is a problem you should be able to increase the size of the fins quite easily.  Frankly the small fins on the large slipper remind me of that cartoon WAY back in the day with the talking shark....what was it????  OH YEAH.....JABBERJAW!!!!

I actually had a lot of fun making these up.  I still need to finish the second one for myself so that I have a complete pair!!  But with summer on it's way here in the Coastal Bend I may just put it on the back burner for a bit.  

I hope you enjoyed this pattern review as much as I enjoyed stitching these up!!

Be Blessed!!
Amy B

Monday, March 17, 2014

Knotted Knit Headband Pattern

I recently went through my stash of hand knit and crochet items and took them on a trip with me, distributing to friends and family along the way.  I many headbands, scarves, hats and mitts does one girl need?!?!  RIGHT???  LOL

I had so much fun as they rifled through the goodies and have gotten some ideas for new pattern posts.  This headband was one of my first KNIT headbands I had ever made.  It had been in my stash for quite some time and the color of the original one was not very flattering on I never wore it.  The lucky lady who chose it also requested one in dark red!!  Since I was working up a new one, I thought I would just jot down the pattern to share.

It's super simple!!  Definitely one that can be worked up while watching television.  All you need to know is the Knit stitch and how to bind off correctly!!

This is an Original Design by Amy B Stitched. Feel free to make for profit, but remember to give credit to me, and link back to my blog

Thank You!!! Amy B

pdf pattern available here

  • Size 6 knitting needles
  • 1 oz Red Heart with Love, worsted (medium) weight yarn
  • Yarn needle

Gauge: Garter Stitch
10 rows = 1 inch
5 stitches = 1 inch


Cast on 20 sts.
Knit every row until piece measures 19” or 2” smaller than head circumference. 
Bind off leaving a long end for sewing.  Sew ends together using yarn needle and weave in ends securely.


Cast on 6 sts.  Knit 10 rows. Bind off leaving a long end for sewing.  Wrap band tightly around headband at the seam (you might overlaps ends). Stitch securely in place.  Finish off.

Be Blessed!!
Amy B

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Priorities.....Inspiration for the Stitcher

Proverbs 14:1
The wise woman builds her house.
But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.

About 15 years ago my family was stationed overseas with the USAF.  One of the ways I made extra $$$ for the family was to sell my hand made crafts.  A few times a year there were craft bazaar's on base , and in between I would get calls for custom orders.  

It all kept me busy.....VERY BUSY!!!  

One night while I was up "burning the midnight oil" God brought this verse to me.  A little reminder that sometimes I over do and I forget to put my family first.  Isn't it wonderful that we have a God that looks out for us!?!?! 

Be Blessed!!
Amy B

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fat Quarter Plastic Bag Holder Pattern w/ Photo Tutorial

How many of you out there collect your plastic bags INSIDE another plastic bag and hate that it looks sooo ugly.....but you just don't want to spend the money to buy something to keep them in??

Or maybe you are just learning to sew and would like a super simple project that you can proudly display and will also help organize your home??

Right here I have a super simple plastic bag holder that uses a "fat quarter" of fabric, a little bit of elastic and some thread.  You can buy pre-cut fat quarters at most stores that carry fabric. OR you can just dig in your fabric stash and cut a piece that fits the dimensions listed below.  It's so inexpensive and SO easy!!

***Feel free to make as many of these as you want for profit, but remember to give credit to me, Amy B Stitched, or link back to this page!!***

·         1 fat quarter (18” x 22” piece of fabric)
·         9” length of ½” elastic
·         Small safety pin
·         Coordinating thread

Cut a 2” wide strip of fabric from the 22” length side, leaving a piece that measures 16” x 22”.

STRAP:  Fold the 2” strip in half (2” x 11”) with right sides together and sew ¼” seam allowance down both sides, leaving one small end open. 

Turn and top stitch.  Set aside.

On the 16” edge of the larger piece, fold over ½”. Press. Then fold over 1”. Press and pin. Stitch along the inside of the folded edge.  Repeat for other end.

 Attach safety pin to the end of the elastic and thread it into one of the casings, stitch the first end. Pull through the rest of the way and stitch the other end.

Pin long unfinished side together and stitch together using a ¼” seam allowance. Zig zag over exposed edge. Turn right side out. (you will now have a tube of fabric with one end gathered slightly with elastic)

Pin one end of strap to the end of the tube without the elastic close to the stitch line of the casing. Pin the other end of the handle directly across the tube from the other end of the handle.  Stitch in place.  (I like to use a box stitch to make the handle more secure)

I hope you enjoy this super simple sewing pattern.  If you find any errors, please comment below and I will try to fix as soon as possible.

Be Blessed!!
Amy B

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stitching In Public and an Impromptu Knitting Lesson

This past week I have been in Oklahoma.  I went there to move my Moma back after being in South Texas for 4 years.  Since I was driving her vehicle up, I had to take a plane to get back home.  Air travel is not for everyone....but I simply love it!!!  Someone else takes charge of the "driving", and I can stitch, read OR people watch to make the time go by quicker. 

Because of airline security and TSA rules I don't carry a normal stitching kit.  I pack that in my checked luggage.  What I did keep out was a size 8 bamboo circular knitting needles and my small box that I keep my finishing kit in.  I forgot to bring small scissors, but was able to find some nail clippers in the airport gift shop during my second layover for a little more than $2.

I had approx 3 1/2 hour wait at Tulsa International airport, so I started a Chain of Hearts knit headband.  I was able to complete the knitting portion of the headband before we boarded the flight and had a nice conversation about knitting vs crochet with the woman sitting across from me.  

When I arrived at Houston Hobby I had almost 5 hours to wait. By that time I was hungry and in need of those nail clippers I had yet to purchase.  So for the next 2 hours I wandered the airport for some exercise, ate a nice dinner at Hunan Express, and called my hubby.  While my phone was recharging I pulled out the Chain of Hearts headband and set out to finish weaving in the ends which produced a conversation with a young man also recharging his phone.  His Grandma had always made things with yarn he said and spent some time reminiscing about his Grandma to me!

I finally decided with only 3 hours to go I should get a snack and go sit at the gate while I finished up some Mr. Snowman headbands that I had brought with me.  Once I got situated a young lady comes around the corner and plops down next to me.  She asked if I were knitting and informed me that she learned to crochet when she was a little girl and her grandma had tried and TRIED to teach her knitting but she just couldn't get the hang of it.  I told her if she were interested I could show her how to knit the continental style (which is the way I FINALLY learned to knit).  She was excited to learn, so we got our little impromptu knitting lesson underway.

Camille was her name.  She was bubbly and friendly and full of chatter!!  It made me miss the kids I have taught in the past and I LOVED this opportunity to share my passion for fiber arts with a willing participant.

She watched as I finished up the first Mr. Snowman headband and asked who it was for.  When I told her I was just making them to make them she laughed and said "well in that case can I have it?"  It made me laugh and I said "YES"!!!  I had been looking all day for the opportunity to bless someone and God brought her by and she TOTALLY blessed me!!!!

As we boarded the plane several others started conversations with me that they had been watching me teach the young lady or had seen me knitting in Tulsa also!!!  Goes to never know who is watching what you are doing and who you might be able to bless with your actions and your words.

Be Blessed!!!
Amy B

Monday, March 3, 2014

Memories of Past Projects

I've been MIA this past week because I have been moving my Moma from S Texas back to Oklahoma. As we unpack  there are soooo many memories that we have come across. Pictures, letters, crafts that the kids made, and all the things that really make a home.

Today the boxes are mostly unpacked and the decorating has begun and I thought it would be fun to show you some of the things I have made for my Moma over the years. Some are original designs and some are made from patterns. 

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with me!!

Be Blessed,

Amy B

Raggedy Ann and Andy Original by Amy B Stitched
Victorian Girl Doll
Gibson Girl doll
Victorian Mother and Baby dolls
Irish Rose Bubble Cross
Original by Amy B Stitched
Quilted Table Mat 
Jewelry Pouch I made using lace from my wedding dress, the fabric from my Moma's dress and ribbon from the flowers. Tutorial for this pattern to come soon.
Cabled Afghan and if you look closely there on the side table is the Fiesta Swirls Doily!!
Bag Holder
Original by Amy B Stitched
Tutorial coming soon!!

Filet Crochet Butterfly table mat