Friday, April 11, 2014

Boot Scoot'n Boots and Boot Scoot'n Cowboy Hat Pattern Review

Earlier this year I received a message from my niece requesting this set for the sweet baby girl that she is due to deliver in the very near future.  I FINALLY remembered (last week) to pick up the yarn needed to complete them.....and thankfully we still have time before the bitty cowgirl arrives!!!

I found the pattern at The Lovely Crow over at Etsy.  She has PAGES of the cutest bootie and hat patterns!!!  She also has some deals on multiple pattern purchases.  You should go and check her out!!!

Now on to the review.  When I first opened the pattern (it was an instant download pdf) I was sort of like "WHOA"!!!  The bootie pattern was SIX pages and the hat pattern was SEVEN pages....and the font was in all sorts of crazy colors!  This was NOT your typical pattern!!  LOL

 Please don't let that scare you off!!  I found she needed that many pages because she gives you 4 different sizes of booties and 5 different sizes of hats!!! And the font first it really threw me off....but when I actually sat down to complete the pattern I found that she changed colors within the same row to make it easier to follow between steps on the same row!  GENIUS!!!!  I always write my patterns in boring old black font and them make it BOLD if I want to emphasize something.  She also adds multiple pictures to explain what she think may not be clear in writing. I for one really REALLY appreciate that!  And for the Cowboy hat pattern....she gives you a full sheet photo tutorial with "Shaping Instructions" AND she gives you permission to print and include not only for gifts....but for selling the item also!!!  This is a FULL SERVICE pattern designer!!!!

Although these are the only two patterns I have worked up from The Lovely Crow I would highly recommend purchasing her patterns!  If you don't believe me just head on over to her shop and read a few of the 2,097 four and five star reviews!!!

Be Blessed!!!
Amy B

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