Monday, June 9, 2014

Military Uniform Recycle Projects - Part 1

About two years ago I was approached by a co-worker asking if I would be willing to take one of her husbands old USAF flight suits and transform it into a tote bag for her.  She showed me some pictures of ones she had seen on-line and I told her that I would  take some of MY old uniforms and see what I could come up with. Below is my first attempt.

The straps ended up being a bit short, so I took the button tabs off of the cuffs and lengthened the straps just enough so that I could wear the tote over my shoulder. There were only two tabs on this shirt, the pic below shows what I came up with using the button cuffs and a couple of D-rings.

While I was waiting for said woman to find the PERFECT fabric for her tote, I made ANOTHER tote using the patches from my former USAF Reserve Unit to select the fabric.  This was (and continues to be) my favorite bag to carry!!

Before I knew it, the special fabric was selected and I had begun work dissecting the first flight suit.  I must say I was pretty pleased with the outcome!!

Easter was upon us and the owner of the flight suit tote asked if I could use this pattern she had found to make her daughter a small purse to match her tote for an Easter Purse.  Of course, I said YES!!!  It turned out ADORABLE!!!

This idea started a little bit of a trend......

Many more totes and purses have been made since these....but FAR too many to highlight in just one blog post. So Stay TUNED for the next update for the Military Uniform Recycle Projects!!!

Be Blessed!!
Amy B

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