Sunday, September 20, 2015

Comforting Stitches

I think in each persons life, as tragedy occurs, we find comfort in certain things.  For me, that thing is the repetitive nature of crochet and knit. When nothing makes sense....and I can't focus.....I'm able to pull out a ball of yarn and a hook (or needle if I'm in the right mood) and just stitch.

Just shy of two weeks ago there was a life changing event in our family.  A wreck that claimed the life of one, caused serious bodily injury to two, and by the grace of God, only a few scratches on the fourth....but has forever changed the course of her life. It has taken me to the hospital to sit at their bedsides. Sitting at the hospital is exhausting.  Why is that????

In my rush to pack my bags, I picked up a shoe box of worsted weight cotton and my pouch of crochet hooks.

As I sat at the hospital....needing desperately to keep my hands busy....but so tired that I could not focus on much of anything....I went to the old stand by dish cloth.  I had a couple of basic patterns here on my blog....and of course the ever faithful Granny Square.  I also decided to work a couple up using my Cool Comfy Throw pattern.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say when someone comes to visit....especially under such circumstances.  My stitch work is a welcome is a conversation is a connection, even for those who do not stitch because it reminds them of someone they love who does.  It can even result in an impromptu lesson......which I am ALWAYS ready for.

The links to the patterns are located at the bottom of this entry.
Simple Crochet Dishcloth

Basic Granny Square

Cool Comfy Blanket dishcloths

Simple Crochet Dishcloth pattern with a bonus Basket weave knit dishcloth pattern.

Basic Granny Square Pattern You can have so much fun with this one using up all those little bits of leftover cotton. I did three rounds of single crochet worked in the back loop only to give it the unique and sturdy edging.

Cool Comfy Blanket Pattern dishcloths. I started with a base chain of 26 and then followed the pattern as written to make these dishcloths.

Amy B

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