Friday, September 18, 2015

Cool Comfy Throw FREE crochet pattern

Back in 2004 Donna Kooler had announced she was taking submissions for a Crocheted Afghans Book.  It was a low budget project and because of this, the rights to the patterns would revert back to the original designer after 3 years.  I had THREE afghans published in this book.

New afghan sample 
 I have been sitting on the patterns for some time now, debating what to do with them. In the end, I decided to share them on my blog for FREE. The Cool Comfy Throw (originally Cool Cotton Throw) is the first of them to be ready.

While the original design was made with Aunt Lydia's Denim (which is now discontinued), any worsted weight yarn (cotton or acrylic) will work.  The new sample is actually made with Paton's Beehive Baby Sport Yarn to make a finer/softer weave. 

The original afghan was made with worsted weight yarn and measured 42" x 55".

Original Afghan. Photo courtesy of my dear Sister who was the recipient of the Cool Cotton Throw after publication.

Get the Cool Comfy Throw PDF pattern here

This new sample followed the exact pattern, only using a sport weight yarn the measurements were smaller.  Finished design was 34" x 49".  It is the perfect size for a young child.

New Sample.....they look very much the same!!!

This throw works two rows on the same side before turning, which enables you to change colors every row without cutting.  The woven appearance comes from using a double crocheted mesh, followed by a row of treble crochet alternately worked in front and behind the previous rows’ spaces.

Finished Size: 42” x 55”

MATERIALS Yarn: Original Afghan designed with Aunt Lydias Denim, Worsted Weight, 75% cotton/25% acrylic. 
o   Color A – White 1600 yds
o   Color B – Linen 1200 yds
·         Size G crochet hook
·         Safety Pin or stitch holder
·         Yarn needle

GAUGE: chain 22 = 5 inches; first 9 rows = 3 inches

·         Ch = chain
·         Sl st = slip stitch
·         Sc = single crochet
·         Sk = skip
·         Dc = double crochet
·         Lp = loop
·         Trc = treble crochet

Multiple of 4 + 2.
With Color A ch 174.
Row 1: (RS) Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Change to Color B in last sc.
Row 2: Ch 3. Turn. Dc in 2nd st, [ch 1, sk next st, dc in next st] across. Dc in last st. DO NOT TURN. Drop Color B and secure with safety pin (SEE IMAGE 1). At beginning of row, draw up a lp of Color A through 3rd ch of beg ch 3.
Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first 2 sts, *working behind next ch 1, trc in next sk sc 2 rows down, sc in next dc, working in front of next ch 1, trc in next sk sc 2 rows down, sc in next dc *, rep between *’s across.  Sc in last st drawing up a lp of Color B and dropping Color A. Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until body measures 54 inches long.  At end, cut Color A leaving a 6” length for weaving. Be certain to not cut Color B.

Rnd 1:(SEE IMAGE 2) With Color B ch 1. Turn. Work 2 sc in first st, sc in each st across, 2 sc in last st. Working down side, *[2 sc in ends of dc rows, 1 sc in end of sc rows] across. **. Working in free lps of beg ch, 2 sc in first lp, sc in each lp across, 2 sc in last lp. Working up other side, repeat from * to **. Join with sl st in first sc.
Rnd 2: Sl st to next st, ch 1 *[sc, ch 2, dc] in next st, ** sk next st, repeat from * across to first corner st end at **. Repeat from * around. Sl st in first sc to join. Using yarn needle, weave in loose ends.



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