Tuesday, September 1, 2015

End of an Era on Etsy

So I tried my hand at having an Etsy Store.  It wasn't a TOTAL flop.  But it was much toiling without much harvest.  So I've decided that it is time to close it down.  When faced with the question as to what to do with my original patterns I decided that it was time to share them here.....for FREE.  I have put my heart into each one of my designs and more than anything I want people to enjoy my patterns. I hope you will stay tuned as I slowly make the transition.

And as a little bit of bait......I will post pictures of some of the upcoming patterns!!!

Name your favorite pattern in the comments section below and it will help me to prioritize.

Thanks for Stopping by!!!

Be Blessed,
Amy B
Mohawk Beanie

Chain of Hearts Headband/Hat

Petals on Raindrops Pendant

Mr Snowman Headband

Chain of Hearts Scarf
Cool Comfy Throw

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