Granny Hexagon Afghan Progress Updates

So this is where I am posting my weekly updates for my Granny Hexagon afghans that I'm working on. The pattern can be found here. Come on and JOIN ME!!!

Week 1:
this is my Scrappy Hexagon Granny
And this is my Snowflake Hexagon Granny

Week 2: This week I worked on the Scrappy Hexagon Granny while we were out driving around.  I made a LOT of progress on it. The Snowflake Hexagon Granny is more monotonous and seems to not keep my attention as long.  I think it will take much longer to get it finished.  

Week: technically it's the 3rd week....but I've taken 48 weeks break lol

Doubled in size since the last update.

Cici has given it her stamp of approval and made herself quite comfortable during one of my breaks!!

12/18/14 (I've decided to begin using a date instead of week number for my updates....this should make it less confusing lol)
One more row completed!!!  After looking at this picture I have decided that once I get this as long as I want it, I will begin making it wider.  Then I want to figure out how to do some "half" hexagons so the border will be straight.  As it is now, I believe it would make a GREAT size for a lap afghan.

7/11/2017.....i have taken one heck of a break!!! Actually I have worked on this...just not posted any updates. The last update the Granny Hexagon Afghan had 77 hexagons. When I counted today there are 144. I have almost DOUBLED it....but still not done....there are many more hexagons to go to make it complete!

It is not so beautifully staged, but you can see how much I have accomplished since the last update about 2 1/2 years ago. It really looks like an amazing wildflower garden!!

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