Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preserving Memories

Has your child ever drawn something that just melted you heart and you never wanted to put it away???  Refrigerators are great places to hang those drawings, but time and messy hands opening and closing the doors can ruin these prize works of art.  The pic above is how I chose to preserve such a work of art drawn by my now 15 year old son when he was only 5 years old when we were living on the island of Terceira, Azores, stationed there with the USAF.

This is not a pattern, just merely a suggestion of one of the many ways you can preserve those memories.  I made a photocopy of his drawing (didn't want to mess up the original work of art).  Using the photocopy I traced it onto a light colored cloth (I think I actually cut up an old ecru colored sheet).  Then I embroidered the outline of the design using a simple backstitch.  To add a little personalization to it I added a favorite verse from the Bible.  I made this particular work of art into a wall hanging.  But you could also finish it off into a pillow, album cover, satchel, etc. 

This "drawing" hangs on the handle of my closet door.  Some nights when I am unable to sleep, I will roll over on my side and I can see this hanging in front of me.  It brings comfort to me.  As a 5 year old my son knew about Jesus and His sacrifice for us.  To see him now as a 15 year old, walking with Christ still, it gives me peace and comfort.  No matter what he is going through, His Savior will be by his side.

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea, Precious memories indeed!