Saturday, January 11, 2014


Who doesn't love a little bit of something to accessorize an outfit???  First time I made these tiny flower hair pins was about 10 years ago. A young lady from church asked if I could crochet her some tiny flowers to put all over her hair for prom.  I found a thread to match her dress and added a little iridescent glitter to the finished item and what she had was a beautiful smattering of tiny flowers in her hair, custom made to match her dress....and tiny enough to not look like she was wearing a bush on her head.  I like the accent that the black bobby pin gives the flower, but I also like to match the bobby pin to the hair in most cases.  These were just the ones I had on at the moment :D

These are super quick to make, but if you aren't used to working with small thread they may be a bit challenging.  There is only one row to this pattern, but I will be writing each step on it's own line because it seems more clear to me that way.

***Feel free to make as many of these as you want for profit, but remember to give credit to me, Amy B Stitched, or link back to this page!!***

Bobby Pin Flower Pattern

  • small amount of size 10 cotton crochet thread
  • size 7 steel crochet hook
  • bobby pin
  • small finishing needle
Size:  Each flower is approximately 3/4" across

Stitches and terms used:
  • ch - chain
  • trc - treble crochet
  • dc - double crochet
  • hdc - half double crochet
When you make your slip knot, leave a 4-6" tail for finishing.

Ch 15 loosely. 
Work 4 trc in the 5th ch from hook. 
(Working in top loop of chain only from here on out)
(5 trc in next ch) 4 times
(4 dc in next ch) 4 times
3 hdc in next ch
6 hdc in last ch. Finish off.

As you work, the stitches will have curled up on themselves.  They might be backwards and you may need to recoil the flower with the smallest (and last) stitches on the top and the largest (first) stitches on the bottom.
Right after I completed the crochet before recoiling.
After recoiling.  You will notice I have one thread coming out
the top center and the other is coming from underneath. I forgot
to get the picture, but the thread coming from the top center you
will need to thread onto a needle and pierce it through the center
taking the top thread to the bottom, making sure to "catch some flower"
on your way to help hold it together.
Insert the bobby pin through the center of the
flower, making sure to spread the tips so that
it grabs some of the stitches and has something
to hold on to.
Thread each tail individually and secure the
back side of the flower to the bobby pin.  Make
sure the longer portion of the bobby pin is the
side that will touch your scalp.
Be Blessed!!
Amy B


  1. Super cute! I love small crochet details! This is just the perfect touch for an accessory!

  2. I love these! Would be perfect on a dog sweater!!! Or human sweater.

    1. :) Yes ma'am!!! Only if I put one on my Cici's sweater it would have to be where she couldn't reach it....she likes to chew on cotton crochet thread YIKES!!

  3. I love these. I love making little things like this. A little pop of color does amazing things to hair!

  4. What a special person you are - I would love to see sparkly flowers in her hair. I'm not a big thread user but these are too cute. I totally laughed at the 'bush in her hair' sentence. :)

    1. oh Sara how I wished I had a picture to show you!!! I haven't tried it yet....but I do believe that this pattern would transfer well to larger yarns as well. I think I may have to try it!


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