Sunday, January 5, 2014


Back in 2008 while visiting family in Oklahoma I got a call from my Grandpa asking me to come over and take a look at Granny's Bedspread.  He had showed it off to me many MANY times before, so it came as no surprise that he wanted me to look at it again.  His Mother had made it for his sister many years before and he had managed to bring it home after a visit with her.  He was always excited to show it to me, since he knew I was an avid crocheter.  Only this time the visit wasn't just to look at the bedspread.  It had some spots that had come undone and required repair. As luck would have it, I was travelling with my hooks and was able to use the fringe along the edges to fill in the work that was undone or missing. 

You may recognize this bedspread as my wallpaper on this blog.  It is a daily reminder and inspiration to me of those who went before me.  Of my Granny that I never got to spend enough time with.  Of my Grandpa who was soooo PROUD of his Momma's stitch work. Of my Grandma who bought little crocheted bears and dolls from me to encourage me to keep stitching. Of my Moma who has been my biggest encourager over the years.  One day I pray that I am a stitching inspiration to those who come after me!

So the question to ask is....who is YOUR biggest stitching inspiration??  WHY do you stitch and for WHOM do you stitch??

I've shared a few of those who inspire me.  I stitch because I can't see doing anything else with my free time and would really like to one day make a living at stitching. And finally, I stitch for WHOEVER admires my work or requests my services!!  LOL be careful complimenting my work unless you REALLY mean it!!!  You may end up being gifted with one of my newest creations!!

Be Blessed and have a wonderful Stitching Day!!
Me and Grandpa with the bedspread

Just a few pictures from the farm.  Memories from times gone by.


  1. That bedspread it amazing. My Grandmothers did things like that but they all went to other family members. I have dolls and things they made. Most need repair but I am always afraid to do it for fear I will make them worse.

    1. Thank you Rebecca!! I would love to have this bedspread....but at least I have the picture of it!! My fear when my grandfather asked me to repair it was matching the thread. Now I have a new appreciation for fringe and tassels as a way to do repairs YEARS down the road!!

  2. Amy, that is a lovely bedspread. My inspiration is my mom. She is one crafty lady. I am often intimidated by that but got over that and now I crochet like busy bee.
    Thanks for sharing the story behind your blanket/background - precious.

  3. Sara thank you for your encouragement!!
    I never thought I would EVER be as accomplished as my Moma when it comes to being crafty. She still intimidates me with many of her crafts. But I finally came into my own as a crocheter and knitter :D

  4. My first inspiration is my Mamaw. She taught me to crochet even though she was legally blind. My 2nd inspiration is Amy. I think you are one of the most awesome people I know. You are always very encouraging and I love all the patterns/projects you share!

    Jenny Spencer

    1. AWWW Jenny you are soooo sweet!!!

      Your Mamaw did an awesome job teaching you and I learned from a camping trip without electricity that crocheting in the dark (while possible) is not all that easy!!! I admire you Mamaw for keeping up her craft even after her sight failed!! You inspire me with all of your stitch creations (although we still need to have that UFO intervention) HAHA!!!