Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Hand Wind a Center Pull Skein Tutorial

I LOVE center pull skeins!!!  When you wind your leftover yarn into a ball you must then CHASE your yarn ball if you pull it too quickly.  Well....CHASE NO MORE!!!  Here I will show you in pictures how to roll your yarn into a "Center Pull Skein".

First of all you need to loop your yarn in your hand like the pic above, leaving  a 6-8" tail hanging from between your fingers (I had to make my tail shorter for the pic so you could see it) 

Next. Wrap the yarn in a figure 8 around your thumb and pinky.

Do that 8-10 times.

Next.  You are going to fold the figure 8 on itself, leaving the tail free and holding it between your thumb and a finger in the center of the folded figure 8.

At this point I must change hands as I am a bit awkward at winding the yarn with my other hand.

Keeping your thumb and finger in the center of the ball, slowly turn the ball as you wind it. Make sure to keep the tail free as you wind. ( I never change the direction of my ball as I'm winding so it ends up in a nice spiral shape)

When you get to the last couple of yards, stop winding. Turn the ball on it's side and wrap this tail around the entire ball.  Pull up a loop as shown in the picture above, then pull the tail through the loop.  

Tuck the tail underneath the last wraps that you make to keep the ball secure.

NOW you should have a CENTER PULL SKEIN  to work with.

Here's a video showing how to hand wind a center pull skein.  I'm new to the video making, so I hope it helps :D

Be Blessed and Happy Winding!!!
Amy B


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    1. Thanks so much for sharing my tutorial!! I hope it helps many!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I have been waiting for you too post this tip! <3


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