Monday, January 27, 2014

Cleaning Up!!!!

Some of you know....and soon ALL of you will know.....I live in a 5th wheel travel trailer with my husband on the Coastal Bend of S. Texas.  Which means there is NOT a lot of storage space.  I've definitely had to pare down and stay organized...and for the most part things are pretty much in their place.  But my work area is a different story.  I don't have a desk.....I have a rocker recliner with a pop-up table attached to the wall under the window....and the other rocker recliner is my footstool!!  LOL  I have lined my current WIP's (works in progress for you newbies) along the wall behind/next to my chair.  But today I realized I had had ENOUGH of the clutter and set out to organize.

sorry this pic is a bit dark....I couldn't find my glasses and knew they were
buried SOMEWHERE in the pile....and I wanted to get the picture BEFORE
I started cleaning up! LOL

This is my Lacis Yarn Ball Winder!!  It was a gift from my Moma!!  She knew
I wanted one and surprised me with it one day!  I don't mind winding my yarn
into balls by hand....but when I have a lot to do....this sure does make quick
work of it :D

This is usually the point when I decide my yarn needs to be
wound up so it doesn't tangle...especially if it's leftover from
a project and is going to be stored.

Now doesn't that look soooo nice?!?!? I love how the balls are nice and
flat so that they stack well.
And I also try to tuck the label into the ball somewhere so I can have all
the info on it if I want to find more.

So I would like my area to be MUCH more organized....but with 8 or so projects
going at one time this is the best it's going to get.  And now at least I have the
table top clear for my laptop and will not have to worry anymore about the
AVALANCHES of notebooks and yarn that have been happening all weekend!!

Be Blessed!!!
Amy B


  1. It looks a lot like my set up of random baskets, shelves, and boxes, and my couch or bed.

    1. Trying to find storage containers to fit my limited space can be a challenge....but I managed to find these already in my storage and they worked perfectly!

  2. LOL
    And here I thought I was the only one with random things falling on her =D

    1. No ma'am!!! If I would make it a priority to DAILY clean up my area things would be better....but that wouldn't make for good random blog posts now would it :D

  3. I remember having my crafty area like that. It's not so much like that now because we live with others but yarn like books can grow out of control pretty quickly.

    I like my yarn winder too. I used to wind yarn for the fun of it because I like the little yarn cakes it makes.

    I keep the yarn band in the middle of the yarn but your way is good if you want to stack them.

    1. LITTLE YARN CAKES!!! I LOVE it!!!! I like to put the yarn band in the middle too....but have to move it if I am going to use that I just end up putting it on the side so it is undisturbed until the ball is gone or so much used up that I have to re-wind it :D