Friday, January 10, 2014

Crochet in TV: Props - "The Big Bang Theory"

So you may think I'm sort of a geek.  But every time I see crochet on television I get a little nuts.  Hubby is a big fan of "The Big Bang Theory", so we are constantly watching back episodes on dvd along along with the new episodes as they come out. The very first time we were allowed in Amy Farrah Fowler's apartment I saw the WONDERFUL Granny Square Afghan that graced the back of her sofa.  So being the geek that I am....I googled it to see if I could get an up close look at it. It's not a full shot.  But maybe you have seen a better picture.  If so please put the link in a comment!! I would LOVE to see more of it!!!

 Click on this link to see Amy Farrah Fowler's Blanket.

If you are wanting to make your own Granny Square blanket, take a look at my post Granny Stash Busters. There is a pattern for the basic granny square and lots of ideas for assembling. It is also a good way to use up your stash!!!