Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CROCHET ON THE GO and a side trip to the beach!

 Today is Hubby's day off, so we packed up the truck and headed down the road to the State Park.  Of course, I needed something to do to keep me busy on the way there.....so I grabbed my bag of leftover yarn, a hook and pair of scissors and was ready to HIT THE ROAD!!! 

Hexagon Granny's are so easy to work on WITHOUT having to look at what I'm doing!!!

Winter time at the beach means EMPTY pavilions!!

Me and Hubby at waters edge. 

LOOKY....I found half a dollar :D

Look who wasn't paying attention as the surf rolled in!  LOL  Water was a bit
CHILLY today!!

I wonder if you can knit or crochet with this seagrass???  It's such a
lovely shade of bright yellow!!!

Made it to the JETTY!!!

Not sure what kind of fish this was...but it sure was BIG!!

We made it home and I made LOTS of progress on my Hexagon Granny's.
Now I just have to WEAVE IN ALL THOSE TAILS!!!

Be Blessed!!
Amy B