Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heart of Love Filet Crochet Bookmark Pattern and my New Crochet Stitch Software!!!!

Another Quick Valentines Project and a new TOOL!!!

I am SO excited!!!!  Just today I purchased my first Crochet Stitch Software!!! When I was a young teenager my Moma subscribed to "Magic Crochet". It was known for it's beautiful thread crochet designs, and especially the patterns that were in symbol form.  Not long ago I hand drew a symbol chart for the crocheted lacy scarf pattern. It was a rough but accurate design.....but at that point I really longed for some of the automation that I had seen in the past that I knew was surely was out there.  So my search began!!  I finally settled on one this morning and set to figure the thing out with the help of the user manual.  My efforts have not been officially tested by anyone....yet!!!  But I was so excited to show it off!!!!

Earlier this week I designed the HEART OF LOVE Filet Crochet Bookmark Pattern and this seemed the perfect project to try it out on.  I know I will learn more about this program the more I use it....but please feel free to share any insight!!

***Feel free to make as many of these as you want for profit, but remember to give credit to me, Amy B Stitched, or link back to this page!!***

Heart of Love Filet Crochet Bookmark Pattern
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  • Small amount size 10 cotton crochet thread
  • Size 7 steel crochet hook
The chart reads from the bottom left hand corner (see START arrow, back and forth until you reach the top right hand corner with instructions for the border (see TO FINISH BORDER arrow) listed on the chart. 

The pattern seems so very small on this page and enlarging it here was just not an option with the side bars and such.  But if you click on the picture it will bring it up in a slide show. Right click on that and select "open image in new tab". This will allow you to zoom in to see it more clearly.  There is also the option to print when you right click.  This is best done AFTER you open the image in a new tab.

Working with this new program today has really pushed me as I am not really a "tech savvy" type of person. When I am more comfortable I will definitely be doing a review of this program.  Until then, Be Blessed!!