Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspiration From the Overpass - HEXAGON GRANNY AFGHAN PATTERN

Earlier this week I was out and about with Hubby and as usual I was the passenger (not really a bad thing LOL). While we sat waiting for the traffic light to change I was MESMERIZED by the blocks that were used on the overpass in front of me. I could NOT get this image out of my mind and (shame on me) as I sat in church I kept doodling the image to figure it out (see inspiration in pic below).  I came up with two hexagon patterns, one of which I am going to share here today.

If you have ever made a granny square you should have no trouble at all as this pattern follows the same basic concept.  I will be making TWO different afghans at the same time.

The first one will be "SCRAPPY" and use up all of my leftover bits and pieces in my stash. This one will take a bit more time as there are many, MANY more ends to weave....also I have decided to do the last round of each hexagon with black to give it the classic Granny Afghan look.  

The second will be made with a white center and finishing up with navy blue (I love snowflakes and I think this will make a BEAUTIFUL snowflake type afghan for my winter decorating).

I WILL be posting weekly updates of my progress on both of these afghans.  If you would like to join me in working up this new pattern (and attempt to use up my stash) you can email your pictures to me at with HEXAGON GRANNY PIC in the subject line OR post them on my Facebook Page and I will add them to my next update.  I can't WAIT to see what other color schemes you all come up with!!!! Now...on to the pattern!!



  • Worsted (medium) weight yarn
  • Size G crochet hook (or size to obtain gauge) 

Size: 4 3/4" (if measuring across flat sides)
        5 1/4" (if measuring across points)

Rnd 1: Ch 4, dc in 4th ch from hook. Ch 2. Continue working in 4th ch from hook [2 dc, ch 2] 5 more times. Sl st in top of beg ch 4 to join.

Rnd 2: Ch 3, turn. (dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in first ch 2 sp.  (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in each ch 2 sp around. Sl st in top of beg ch 3 to join.

Rnd 3: Ch 3, turn. Dc in first sp. *(2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in ch 2 sp **, 2 dc in next sp.  Repeat from * around ending at **. Sl st in top of beg ch 3 to join.

(at this point if you choose to border and join each block with black (or another color) as I have chosen in my first afghan you will finish off, turn your block over and join with a Standing Double Crochet in space where you would have originally just done a "ch 3, turn" and then continue with instructions)

Rnd 4: Ch 3, turn. Dc in first sp, In ch 2 sp work (2 dc, ch 1, sl st in corner of second block, ch 1, 2 dc) as shown in pic below.
(Sl st in next sp on second block, 2 dc in next sp of 1st block) 2 times.  In next ch 2 sp work (2 dc, ch 1, sl st in corner of second block, ch 1, 2 dc) as shown in picture below.  * (2 dc in next sp)** 2 times, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch 2 sp  Repeat from * around, ending at **.  Finish off.

I have not written out the pattern for each different joining (one, two and three sided), only the one sided join.  It is a basic format that should be easy enough to do without a pattern.  With that being said, if you are having difficulty figuring out how to join two and three sides please comment below and I'll get the rest of it written up and posted. 

On the first row you will join on only one side at a time (this
picture is actually the first block on the second row, but the
 same concept)

this picture shows the "3 sided join" position that you will begin
on your second row of blocks.

This picture shows 2nd row of blocks attached on three sides.
Scrappy Hexagon Afghan so far......

Snowflake Hexagon Granny Afghan so far.....I
also think this would be beautiful with a field of
green and different colored centers to look like a
field of flowers!!!
Be Blessed!!!
Amy B

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  1. I love the hexagon pattern it reminds me also of the One Block Wonder Quilts that are so popular now. Thanks for ccx another great pattern idea!