Sunday, January 26, 2014

GUEST BLOG Life's Patterns.....Inspiration for the Stitcher

Just as in needle work; be it crochet, knitting or anything that is done by hand, can involve twist and turns, but turn into something absolutely beautiful, so are the lives of God's creations, ours. 

More than likely all of us have, at one time in our life, lived a life that was out of Gods will. It may still be hidden, but all things will be put to light as we step to the Judgment throne of God. 

Mark 4:22 " For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret, but that it should come to light". 

When working on a piece of Crochet, I have in my mind what it should be or look like. I usually have to re-do my work many times until I get a piece without flaws. God is working on us the same way. When life seems the worst, or a secret is revealed, God steps in and re-works his creation. I have been re-worked many times, and probably will be many more times before I step to that throne. In crochet or knitting you can rip out what you do not like in a matter of seconds. In life it is not that easy. We search, and do, and sometimes make more messes than we could ever imagine. Then we realize; the struggle, though ours, will always be God's. All we have to do is give our life to Him, Pray and never let go, and never be afraid to go back to Him, our Heavenly Father and Savior. Once we are His, we are always His. Our lives are beautiful creations of God's hands with all varying shades, sizes and patterns. He does not make mistakes. Every life has a purpose and a place in this life. The Word of God tells us to Judge not. It is not my place to do so, it is my place to show the love of Christ in my life with all of the honesty and love that I can. 


Loving Life and Living for Christ. I am a retired Nurse. I have four Children, nine grandchildren, one great-grandchild and two more on the way. I started life too young wanting to be a grown up and thinking I was. I have had many trials in my life, but I thank God for every one of them. Some were of my own doing, some were not, but as I look back I can see that I was never alone even if I felt like I was. I had my Savior and Lord Christ Jesus at my side, never forsaking me as others have, and loving me through it all..............
Jacquetta is the author of the blog and also happens to be my Moma!!