Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Yarn I found!!

Last week Hubby and I were traveling to see some friends and as usual I took my stitching bag along with me to fill my free time.  It was just two days of travel, so who thought I would go through all of my available yarn so quickly????  After lunch the second day I tried to convince hubby to stop by Hobby Lobby so I could pick up something new.....but we were in a very large city and he was not in the mood to fight traffic to drive across town to buy a couple of skeins of yarn.  Instead we stopped at the neighborhood Wal Mart and I perused their selection.  Wal Mart doesn't  always have a large selection....and I'm often disappointed by the unkept and messy bins of yarn.  But this day I was surprised to find a yarn I had not seen before.  Caron Simply Soft Party!!  It caught my eye because it SPARKLES!!! They only had 4 different colors to choose from (you can see a full selection here) so I stood there debating for as long as I thought it would take Hubby to run across the store for ice cream and finally settled on "silver sparkle".  Mostly because the metallic filament was multi colored and that seemed more like a Party!!!

I will say that I had a few moments of frustration as I found the metallic filament separating from the yarn and tangling around my hook.   I also discovered that when it became entagled it would get buggered up and not lay flat, but if I stretched out the stitch on my hook it would re-wind itself and look just like new!! I eventually got  in the groove and my stitching smoothed out. And as always, Caron Simply Soft really comes through in the soft department.  I was not disappointed!!

So far I have made this Granny's Heart Headband and I still have 3 1/2 skeins left.  What would you make if you had 3 skeins of sparkly yarn to use??

Happy Stitching!!
Amy B