Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pattern Review for Some Cozy Slipper Boots!

With the recent cold spell here in the Coastal Bend (and everywhere else from what I'm seeing on the news)  I found the need to whip up something cozy for my feet.  After doing an internet search I was reminded of a pattern that I had purchased before Christmas and had set to the side in all the holiday commotion!! The Mamachee Boots are crocheted with 2 strands of yarn so they quick to work up and are definitely a STYLISH way to keep warm!!

with the boot cuff folded down
  I chose to make the leg of the boot with the cables option....but if you are not up to cables, there is a slouchy top option that is pretty adorable too.  You can also just stop at the ankle and make slippers!!  This pattern is very versatile and with 4 sizes available I'm sure you would be able to make a pair for EVERYONE on your list and accommodate EVERYONE's taste!!!

I made mine with what I had on hand.  The cables are hard to see with the tweedy effect from using two colors.  I used I love this Yarn #102 Soft pink and Red Heart Super Saver Grey Heather.

I only encountered one PROBLEM and that was trying to get the gauge correct.  The pattern calls for a size K hook and I ended up using a size I.  But even with that I could not get the gauge correct.  So I forged on and used the measurements to complete the sole instead of using the row count.  The rest of it worked up perfectly even AFTER I had shortened the sole by 4 rows.

with the boot cuff up to keep my calf warm!!
The are no left/right pattern adjustments to make either!!  That's a BONUS!!!  Now I just need to finish up my second one so BOTH of my feet can stay toasty!!

I give this pattern 4 of 5 stars ONLY because of my difficulty getting the gauge to work up.

Mamachee Boots are definitely on my Make Again List!!!!

Be Blessed and Stay Warm!!
Amy B


  1. Those def look WARM!
    I need a pair. Lol =D

    1. They ARE warm!!! I still need to get the second one finished so I can have a PAIR!!! haha!!

  2. I considered making some slippers with this cold. But ended up doubling up on the socks. I just had too many other ideas floating in my head. LOL

    1. I understand what you're saying nadinecreates!! I actually had to put other things to the side to work on these. But they are definitely worth it!! And so am I!!! I don't often make things for myself and I really should change that :D


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