Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Importance of Your Local Stitch Club!!

Truly I say to of the most IMPORTANT things you can do as a stitcher is to be a part of some sort of local club or guild.

Back before I moved, I was part of an AMAZING group of ladies.  We called ourselves Crochet One, Knit Too!!! but we welcomed anyone who wanted to come and bring whatever form of needlework they were into. Our meeting schedule varied throughout the year.  Sometimes we would meet once a week, other times only once a month depending on how hectic our lives were at the moment!!  And sometimes one of our members would issue an invite to meet at the local coffee shop to JUST sit and stitch (and of course talk and eat).  It was a time to learn new things, to share new projects, to come together with a common goal of sharing our love for stitching with everyone who happened by.

Sometimes we would issue challenges for squares or hats and would LAUGH at the SPEED at which some of the ladies worked in an attempt to be the one with the most!! These efforts were always dispersed into our community to spread our love to those in need.

If you are at a loss as to where to find a Local Stitch Club, I have a few ideas as to where you can start looking.

  1. Does your community have a LYS (local yarn shop)? It's a pretty sure bet that there is some sort of stitching group that meets here. 
  2. Check with your County Extension Services. Most of these offices have a list of local clubs and guilds that have the sole focus of preserving the needle arts.
  3. Do a GOOGLE search! Just type your city's name and what type of club you are looking for ( ie; Kalamazoo knit club). 
  4. If all of these searches leave you empty handed you could explore the option of starting YOUR OWN stitch club! If you are on facebook you can post your desire to start something like this. You might just be surprised if you find that several of your friends would like the opportunity to join you!! Or you could post a notice on the bulletin board at the library, church, or local coffee shop with your phone # or email address for those interested to contact you.  
I am still searching for my NEW local stitch if any of you are located in the Coastal Bend of S. Texas you should give me a holler!!!

Be Blessed!!!
Amy B


  1. I was part of an AWESOME knit/crochet group in South Carolina. We met once a week at a local restaurant. The day and start time were always the same, but our get-togethers could last for HOURS!

    Sadly, like you, I've moved and haven't been able to find a new yarn group I fit in to. I might have to check the county co-op extension, or maybe take your advice and start my own!

    1. Michele I believe the loss of my stitch group has been the hardest part of this move for me. I have made new friends here and my neighbor and I talk crochet all the time. But getting a group of ladies in public's just CRAZY!! Our meetings would go on for hours also....and we were a LOUD bunch!! I sure do miss them!!