Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tuck Your Tail!!!

Are you ever frustrated when you crochet something and the tail of  your yarn end can be seen and it seems to get longer and longer and loonnnnngggeeerrrr??  Or it just works it's way out and waves at you!!! Or maybe those pesky joins when you run out of yarn in the middle of a row and crocheting over them just results  in an unpleasant site!!!  I'm here to tell you.....

Finishing your work properly is of utmost importance!

You can have the most beautiful stitches in the world, but if you don't finish it off correctly you will end up with your work coming undone on you or looking like you just threw it together.

The most important finishing tool in your stitch box is the large blunt needle.  You can find various sizes, some with bent ends, plastic or metal. It's mostly a personal preference.....I'm going to show you the ones that I use the most and show you the best method to bury your stitches in crochet.  You may say "I usually just weave my ends through the stitches with a crochet hook".  I'm here to tell you....there is a MUCH better way!

The golden bent end Chibi needle is my favorite!! It comes with
2 or 3 (I can't remember because I am down to 1 again) in a nice
little carrying case. On the far right is a yarn needle threader.
I will have pics later in the post showing how to use this beauty!

What KNOT to do!!  Yes I said knot.  

Never, Never, NEVER finish your work with multiple knots and then just clip the yarn.  The results??? A hard, scratchy piece of yarn that will inevitably come undone.  You want people to look at your work and not be able to tell where you started, finished, and joined pieces together. A knot is a tell tale sign of all.  

FIRST thing to remember is to leave a long enough tail for weaving as you do your stitches.  I typically leave 3-4 inches......sometimes more....sometimes less.  Less just means your needle threading must be done AFTER the needle is inserted.

This is a hat I made hubby for Christmas.  In my haste I forgot to weave in the ends where I started a new skein.  Thankfully it wasn't for a paying customer!!!  I would have been MORTIFIED!!
NEXT. You will want to bury your needle into the stitches and then come back on itself and bury the needle the other direction.

AND if that is too hard to are some pics with contrasting yarn.

FINALLY. Pull your final tail tightly (but not too tight) before clipping.  Then smooth your work out and the tail should be sufficiently hidden.

Can you see my ends????

BACK to the Yarn Needle Threader. This most wonderful little piece of thin metal saved me so much time when teaching the Children's Crochet class at my church a few years back.  Instead of just writing how to use it I have taken some's always easier to show you than tell you how :D

FIRST: put the threader through the eye of the needle.

SECOND: put the end of your yarn into the hole in your threader.

THIRD: pull your threader with yarn through the eye of the needle.
VOILA!!  your needle is threaded!!
I hope these little finishing tips help you to make the most of your stitching time!!

Be Blessed!!
Amy B