Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Military Uniform Recycle Projects - Part 2

Part 2 of my Military Uniform Recycle Projects!!
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I always have so much fun transforming these old uniforms into a usable tribute using the Service Members uniform and the chosen fabrics of the one honoring them.  I hope you enjoy a peek at a few more of the bags I have created!!  Thanks for stopping by to look :D

This particular tote was the first of it's kind.  I only used the trousers of this uniform.  It was a bit of a challenge because of all the curves.  But what I came up with is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE bags.  The owner of the tote had used the trousers for a "dining out" and they still had a bit of bling she used on the side pockets so there is an extra bit of memory for her in this bag :D

This diaper bag tote was my first time working with the ABU's.  

I'm loving the fabric combinations of this particular tote!!

If you look closely at the bottom left hand picture, you will see I have made a special pocket for a concealed carry handgun.  It was the very first one of this kind.  The owner of this tote has two small children so we decided the pocket needed to be contained WITHIN the bag and not accessible from the outside.  

Upon first examination this looks like two separate purses.  Actually this is ONE purse that is completely reversible.  The purse was a gift from this young ladies parents.  The BDU and zebra were part of her Mom's uniform.  The DCU and pink were part of her Dad's uniform.  

This little shoulder bag was created using one of the leftover pockets from a flight suit.  

This tote is a work in progress!!!  It was made for my own Moma last year to honor all of our family members that served in the US Armed Forces.  There are a LOT of us!!  lol  I am still waiting to receive name tapes and other items from several of my relatives.  

Thank you for stopping by to look at my creations!!  I still have more projects that I have not listed, so stay tuned!!  If you are interested in having one of these bags created you can contact me at or you can check out my facebook page and private message me there.

Be Blessed!!
Amy B

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