Stitching in the Garden.....Crocheted Sugar-Pumpkin Hammocks FREE pattern

Summer is a time where I really struggle with making myself sit down to crochet for very long. There are so many outdoor activities that keep me going and the thought of working on something heavy is just not very enticing. Just recently my Moma and I were having a conversation about gardening and she told me that she had finally planted her sugar pumpkins and some small watermelons and was growing the vines vertically like I had done in the past.  So I needed to get her some Pumpkin Hammocks crocheted ASAP!!!

First of all I have to tell you that it is a GREAT way to use up leftover balls of cotton. I had several bags of them, so I got out my handy dandy postal scale to make sure I could get an entire hammock out of one color. It is really a handy tool to have in your stitching closet.

I managed to get quite the assortment of hammocks stitched up in just a couple of afternoons. The pattern is fairly simple and is available in written and symbol versions.

You can download the pdf version here.

The link below is my original blog about the sugar pumpkin hammocks and more pictures of my garden at the time if you would like to see them!

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ENJOY the pattern and let me know in the comment section what YOU do when you aren't STITCHING!!!!

Amy B


  1. Our watermelons needed you last summer! They grew beautifully up the netting, but we had trouble finding supports which worked. Next year each watermelon will be resting easy in their own personal hammocks.


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