Friday, January 24, 2014

Hexagon Granny Update

So I'm TWO WEEKS into the Hexagon Granny afghan projects and I think they are coming along nicely.  I tend to get a bit bored while working on the blue and white "Snowflake" one, so I think it will take me MUCH longer to get this one done.

I LOVE the different color combinations in this one!!

This one doesn't take as much thought since each Hexagon
is the same...but I tend to get bored working on it.  It  will
DEFINITELY take me longer....but hey.....I  won't need it
until I decorate for next Christmas :D
 If you'd like to make your own Hexagon Granny Afghan just click on the link here and if you send me pics I will add them to my updates.

Be Blessed!!!
Amy B

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  1. Those are lovely. I like the blue and white but I can see how it would get boring after a while.