Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teaching the DOG to Crochet?????

We spent the morning running to appointments and our little 6.2 lb chihuahua Cici was left at home.  The temps have dropped here in the Coastal Bend and she just could not get warm until we got home and she was able to jump in my jacket to warm up!!  I couldn't help but snap a pic (sorry it's a bit fuzzy) since she is looking so intently at my crochet it almost looks like she is learning how!!  

And I do believe she likes the flavor of Bamboo!!  Yesterday as I was Cleaning Up I came across this bamboo crochet hook she got hold of one day.  For some reason I can't seem to throw it away.  I guess it's a reminder to NOT leave my bamboo hooks laying around.  She also ate a small bootie I was making with Red Heart Bamboo Crochet Thread!!!

Cici also enjoys grabbing a ball of yarn and running!!!  I believe she thinks they are her toys!  She does like ALL of the crocheted and knit afghans I have around.  And she doesn't like to sleep in my lap when I stitch UNLESS she is under cover.....I guess when I fling the yarn around to pull more out of the skein it startles her like it was a fly buzzing around her.

I whipped this little sweater up for her when our first cold
spell was on it's way.  She really wasn't too sure about it!!

Do you have a pet that shares your stitching time with you????  I'd love to hear about them!!

Be Blessed!!
Amy B


  1. I'm sorry about your hook and the yarn - makes me wonder what bamboo tastes like . . .

    Both my dogs are too big to be lap dogs but they both LOVE their sweaters I made them a couple years ago. With all the cold here in WV, they've had them on almost everyday. =D

    1. well you know Karen.....I HAVE eaten bamboo shoots before in Chinese food....so it's definitely edible!! LOL Cici is normally a very AGRESSIVE and ACTIVE dog....that is UNTIL I put the sweater on her. Then she's a passive sweetie!!

  2. Amy, I made our little dog his first handmade sweater this weekend. He wasn't too sure of it at first either but he looked so cute. It reminds me of a cape so I can't help but think of super man each time I see him.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sara!! I love seeing the pics of your pooch's!!! And they have got quite the wardrobe!! My Cici only has her purple sweater and an insulated harness vest! I guess I need to get to work!


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